Ultramarathon Mindset

Mindset Training for the Long Run

Life isn't a sprint, but it's certainly much more than a marathon!

The mantra we ultra runners use is "relentless forward progress!" Run when you can, walk when you can't run, crawl if you have to, but keep moving forward!

Running an ultramarathon, like life, takes everything you've got and makes you dig deep to find out that you've got more inside you than you ever knew.

Ultra running challenges your mind as much or more than it does your body.

And most of us spend far more time working on our body than we do our mind.

This is the place for you when you're ready to work on your mental game for running and for your life. Because the same mindset that will get you to run 50K, 50 miles, 100K, or 100 miles is the mindset you need for any big goal you have.

I help my private coaching clients develop this kind of relentless mindset. But we just met, and you don't know much about me yet. Take a look at the links below and see how I can help you.